Iā€™m a muralist, illustrator, and fine art painter based in Boulder City, Nevada with a studio and gallery in Las Vegas, Nevada.

My artist statement follows:

I love old stories. Hence, when creating public murals or canvas paintings, I focus on history, such as historical figures, locations, and events, or literature, such as plays, parables, and mythology. The stories often come from a wide array of sources, both historically and culturally; nevertheless, I try to tap into Universal themes that are ā€“ hopefully ā€“ relatable to wide range of people. The themes are often metaphysical and cover such areas as creativity, industry, perseverance, and exploration. Despite the many differences in beliefs and values held by people, I truly feel that we have more in common than we do not. At a minimum, I trust that my paintings inspire conversation and thought. Stylistically, my work is narrative and figurative and gives nod to Renaissance tableau, classic advertising illustration, and a bit of Surrealism. In order to give the paintings a more personal feel, I cast models as reference; most of the models live in the Las Vegas area and come from a wide range of occupations and backgrounds.

My biography follows:

I’m a contemporary narrative painter and muralist who lives in Boulder City, Nevada and runs a gallery in Las Vegas, Nevada. My colorful paintings breathe new life into historical, literary, and mythological stories. I dabbled in fine art my entire life but only turned to painting in a serious manner in 2015. I’ve worked professionally as an animator for over 30 years, spending time at Walt Disney Studios and DreamWorks. Of late, my paintings have joined 5 solo shows and 70 group shows at 35 galleries and museums in 8 states. I’ve painted murals for the cities of Las Vegas, Henderson, and Boulder City, Nevada, as well as Clark County, Nevada and Arvada, Colorado. An enthusiastic supporter of community arts, I co-founded the Dam Short Film Festival and sat on the board of the Las Vegas Arts District.

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